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Corporate Finance

Practice areasCorporate Finance
KIEHYUN is a comprehensive legal service provider. It not only provides legal advisory service required in companies’ financing process ranging from the traditional method of bank borrowings, issuance of new shares and issuance of corporate bonds to acquisition financing, IPO and issuance of hybrid securities, but also provides advisory service on accounting and tax issues which are essentially required during the process.

The representative services the professionals of KIEHYUN have provided are as below :
  • Issuance of hybrid securities in the form of perpetual corporate bond for the first time as a
        local manufacturer by combining the right to claim share exchange with bank guarantees
  • Issuance of RCPS which is combined with TRS of the parent company
  • Issuance of CPS in which the claim for sale of subsidiary is combined with the claim for
        distribution of residual property